Thursday, February 12, 2009

Babylonians had it right

Dave: word up
me: dave
guess what today is
It's Thursday
the holy day of Thurs
Dave: TGI Thursday!
me: Ancient Babylonians recognized the race of Thurs and celebrated them as gods once a week
Dave: i have black shoes on
me: The Thurs were powerful people what had the ability to bring peace
that is why once you celebrate the Day of Thurs, it is immediately followed by Friday, or as the Babylonians called it...The Weekend.
Dave: well duh..ya
who doesn't know that
me: the useless race of Tues?
Dave: yes they don't
me: If you don't properly celebrate the Day of Thurs, you get laid off the next day
Dave: NO!!!!
what shall I do to celebrate?
me: send a check to Day of Thurs Celebration Fund to me
Dave is offline.


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