Friday, February 06, 2009

Medical Breakthrough

Sent at 11:23 AM on Tuesday
me: plague?
why'd you get that?
Monica: yes
i've had a nasty cold for a few days now
me: Blast it out with my new patented COLD B GONE!
Monica: because i stayed out too late too much at places I shouldn't visit so often engaging in behaviors that affect my liver and immune system.
i'm gonna guess that its a fat slap to the forehead, yes?
me: it's an innovative new product with the power of TEN!
not JUST a fat slap! This product beats all other cold medications because it IS all the cold medications! We combined 10 brand name cold medications into one for the ULTIMATE cold fighting medication!
no other medication can take care of ALL your ailments like COLD B GONE
What about the side effects you say? I'm glad you asked because we thought of that and put medication in take care of the side effects! WOW!
Monica: do you write on your website anymore? 'cause you definitely should.
me: and if you order now, we'll not only TRIPLE your prescription, but we'll throw in a tin of Sucrets! FREE!
no i don't


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