Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My mom called and said I need to update my blag

Alright, I started this little joke kinda thing where I tell people that my mom told me.... For example, I was at the movie theater the other day and they have a Starbucks in there. Well, it says Starbucks but in reality it costs more and the drinks taste like recycled Coke syrup taken out of the cups left in trash can and let sit for 8 days. Anyways, Amy was picking up my drink because the only thing worse than over-paying for a horrible drink is standing in line to get it. The lady there asked if Amy was ordering 2 drinks and I immediated replied, "My mom says I'm not allowed to have coffee after dinner but I'm ordering one anyways." I usually get weird looks. One lady at the ticket counter asked me how old I was when I told her my mom doesn't let me see rated R movies and that she'd be mad if she found out I'm going to see one. I told her I was 22. Anyways, my mom says I need to wrap this up and make my bed so I may post more later.


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