Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Cellphones Hate Water But Love Violence

Whoever said violence doesn't solve anything, I'd like to punch them in the face.
This past weekend i got my cellphone wet. It was coming up with a crappy error message. So I brought it home and put it under a light and fan. It dried out and proceeded to turn it on. It worked fine...except it wouldn't charge anymore. SO the phone would be useful for the next 16 hours and then be a paperweight.
Well, as the story goes, I ended up buying a new phone (thank you ebay). It should be here in a few days and in the meantime i had to use my old phone only when it was plugged in. I got pissed at the damn thing and pounded it into the desk. Now it works perfectly fine. Violence has once again solved my problems.

SO in conclusion, the next person who tells me that violence doesn't solve anything, I'll punch them in the face and say "violence fixed my phone, bitch"

(you can tell today hasn't been the best of days)


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