Thursday, February 22, 2007

Traffic Report brought to you by UD

I saw this on Toothpaste For Dinner today. I thought it was hilarious because of the traffic jam on the freeway due to snow AS i was passing University of Dayton.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Heat shields of DEATH!

I sliced my thumb on a heat shield today. Heat shields are basically bent pieces of sheet metal. They're used to protect an engine mount from, well, heat and they're made by Satan and glove manufacturing companies (in a frantic attempt to increase glove sales).

For those doctors and medical students out there (I doubt any doctors or medical students read this, but I'm just throwing it out there), is there such thing as self inflicted amnesia? I know there is in the form of running at high speeds, head first, into something at a low speed. This method doesn't prove to be highly accurate and usually come with undesired side effects such as forgetting EVERYTHING (death), forgetting how to move (paralysis), forgetting where your keys are (I already accomplished this), and remembering to close the garage door (I don't have a garage, so this would be really weird). So if you know of an easier way, like an "unlearn" button, that would be great. Doctors that get paid in Fig Newtons are most desirable because I could then actually pay you.

Well, time for my daily jog around the plant.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Why doesn't this kid update his blog?

That's question on everyone's mind (that visits this site.....which is like 1 person). Reason: World of Warcraft.

I purposely have been staying clear of this game in an attempt to preserve what "life" I had. Not playing this game was very easy because it cost money to get to the game and money to play it. Then my dear ol' roommate decided that he'd start playing it, and bought me the game for Christmas. That was a loop hole in my plan. I successfully played exactly 1 month and canceled my account. Whew, close call. Until I received a 2-month subscription from them to continue playing. I didn't activate because I knew I shouldn't play it....but it was just sitting there...on the desk. Long story short, I have to play this game through March now.

In other (non-WoW) news, it's snowing here a lot. Plus freezing rain. Even though school is closed, I made it into work for the day. Hey, gotta pay the bills somehow. The getting home part will be a challenge though.

Computer Status:
Laptop: Still out for repair. I think UPS attempted to deliver it yesterday because I found a slip saying I had a package from Best Buy. Didn't know they were shipping to the house now.

Desktop: Fully remodeled and XP installed! Looks great, runs great, with an addition of a 22" LCD, it's the best desktop I've had to date. Whenever I get the Vista DVD in (and drivers are a little better), I'll throw that on.

Who the hell reads my blog anyways?

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