Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bored During Senior Design Class...

October 23, 2006
Senior Design Class

Tim: I am using Notepad to take...NOTES!

Tim: Square keyboards suck!

Tim: I think Mercedes has a 8-speed automatic transmission.

Brandon: It's Lexus (LS 460)

Tim: That's right! That kicks ass.

Brandon: It also parallel parks itself.

Tim: is that the car that does that? Man, Lexus is doing some pretty sweet stuff lately. They should design a 3wheel HPV for us.

Brandon: I'd still rather have the Mercedes because of the pestige and German engineering.

Tim: Btw, The Prestige...good movie. Had the atmosphere of Batman Begins and the crazy puzzle shit like Momento (sp?).

Brandon: Never saw it. But did see Batman Begins.

Tim: I think Matt needs a wireless keyboard so he can join in on the conversation.

Brandon: Agreed.

Tim: We are redefining "online chat". New Offline features! chat with people right next to you on the same computer!!!

Brandon: Who would have thought of it? People like us I guess.

Tim: To bad i'm not a CS student. I could turn in Notepad as my senior design project for an offline messenging service.

Brandon: LMAO

Tim: File transfer feature would be instant. Just copy and paste.

Brandon: From a flash drive, of course!

Tim: Ya but that might put lag on it. It wouldn't be instant anymore, but close! Are we suppose to be learning things?

Brandon: A little...

Tim: I just learned that X=performance! So the movie XXX really means Performance Performance Performance!

Brandon: Or Triple Performance.

Tim: Sounds like a new Power Bar.

Brandon: 3 times the shit, half the calories.

Tim: Packing more cardboard flavor into every bite!

Brandon: Or it sounds like a new Viagra product for "enhanced male performance" times 3. Instead of having an erection for 4 hours, you have it for 12.

Matt: (written on a paper airplane and thrown at me from behind. The plane is labeled "The Wireless Keyboard"):You guys are nuts. I'm not learning anything. But now i want to see the Prestige. Thank God He's wrapping up. I am about to put my eyes out with this wireless keyboard.

Tim: Wow an erection for 12 hours, sounds like a good prank in the making. (Throws "The Wireless Keyboard" back)

Brandon: What do you mean? How would this prank work?

Tim: I give you some triple performance viagra, and you walk around with a trouser tent all day. I laugh.

Brandon: I don't need any of that stuff, give it to Matt.

Tim: "edit" I give Matt some...

Tim: I'm going to go outside and fart, cuz i don't want it smelling by me.

Brandon: Hurry back, prerequisite test starts soon...

Tim: Haha some girl walked through it

Tim: Engineers are by far the most mature of all people alive. We are VERY serious.

Tim: Stupid pencil sharpener messed up my mechanical pencil.

Tim: Time for prerequiste test. Probably should have studied.


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Congratulations, you just invented IRC!!!

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