Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mechanical Engineering Project

In my Mechanical Design II class, I was assigned to find something mechanically broken and to redesign it. Like usual, a proposal was due Monday and I was still looking for something broken Sunday night. It seems everything that breaks at my apartment is an electrical problem, but here are some of the things I considered...
  • Light bulbs: Now I understand light bulb do burn out. Mine burn out ever other month. I think it's something to do with the 8 computers running in the house along with the console*.
  • Many broken harddrives: These are kinda broken because I tore them apart.
  • My A/C unit: I could do a whole rant about this POS. It's some unit that it looks like some local company screw together some sheet metal and put a fan in it. Worst thing, the condesation collection tray is made from high-rust steel and guides the water away from the drain creating a small pool party in the corner of the tray. Good choice!
  • Amy, my roommate's girlfriend: Ditziest person I know. I passed this one up, too hard of a project.
  • A mangled set of Logitech headphone: I suffer from GT (Gamers' Tourette's). These headphone have gone through some abuse and have just popped back together (most of the time).

I think we're going to with a broken bearing from a drill for the project. Boring huh.


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