Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Blind Spots

I read this today on damninteresting.com . The article was about Charles Bonnet Syndrome. That's basically were completely sane people hallucinate. It also talked about how everyone has a blind spot in each eye where the optic nerve passes through the retina. Your mind then cross references the image with your other eye and fills in what's missing. All cool, but i've never noticed it and the went on to show a little experiment so you can notice your own blind spot.

Try this.

"You can indirectly perceive your own blind spot by using the image below. Simply sit close to your screen with your right eye covered, and focus on the word "Interesting." Maintain that focus while slowly moving away from the screen, and at a particular distance the logo will disappear although the blue lines and the word "Damn" will still be visible. If you change your gaze, the logo will no longer be in the blind spot, and it will reappear." - Damninteresting.com

For more information, i highly suggest reading the rest from damninteresting.com. Otherwise they're gunna get rather pissed i'm stealing their whole articles.


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